Terms & Conditions

We agree to represent you on a fee basis of a 1/3 contingency of amounts collected.   If any claim is under $750.00, over 1 year old, has previously been placed with another Attorney or Collection Agency, or we must forward the claim to Co-Counsel in another state, our fee will rise to 40%.  If merchandise is returned we will be entitled to one-half of the above referenced fee.  If the matter involves your forwarding to us an out of state judgment to domesticate, we charge an additional $1,000.00 fee which is due if and when we initiate domestication proceedings.   

You will be responsible for all court costs incurred by this firm in collecting this debt.  These costs are only incurred should you authorize us to file suit.  They usually consist of a filing fee to the Clerk of Court of up to $256.00, depending on the amount of the suit; a service fee to the Sheriff of approximately $25.00 per Defendant per location; and $40.00 to certify and record the Judgment, and file our judgment lien with the State of Florida, if and when we obtain judgment.  We also charge a $20.00 miscellaneous cost charge and a $5.00 corporate information search charge should we file suit.  

Immediately upon arrival at this office, a file is opened that day.  Unless you request us to move immediately to legal action a demand letter will immediately be forwarded to the debtor requesting that he/she contact us and pay this debt in full.  The file is then turned over to our collector/investigators who attempt to locate the debtor, locate assets, and obtain payment or a payment plan from the debtor, subject to your approval.  If we are unsuccessful in amicably resolving the debt, we will then notify you as to whether suit is recommended.  If suit is authorized by you, we will file same immediately and vigorously proceed to judgment and collection.  

You agree that we are entitled to our fee on any payments, credits, or return merchandise that are sent or authorized directly to your office after the date we open our file.  Should we obtain a Judgment for you, or domesticate same,  we will be entitled to our fee at any time the Judgment is paid, whether our file is closed or not.  

Should a counterclaim be filed in this matter and you wish us to represent you, an additional fee will be charged.  If this matter shall go to jury trial an additional trial fee may be charged.  

You as client acknowledge and waive any conflict resulting from the fact that Sprechman & Fisher, P.A. may represent multiple creditors against a single debtor and understand that such representation is performed on a first-in-time basis.  

The terms of this written agreement shall not be varied, altered, contradicted, modified or in any way supplemented unless such additional terms or conditions shall be drafted and prepared in writing and signed by all parties of interest to this agreement; otherwise, this agreement is intended as the final expression between the parties and shall govern.  In the event of any dispute all parties agree that jurisdiction and venue shall be in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  

Clicking on the button below will take you to the placement form where you may forward your claims to us. Your completion of the placement form indicates your acceptance of the fees, terms, and conditions for placement.



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